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Tree planting in St Helens Village

Village Green Community Consultation

During the summer of 2022 the Eco Church group worked with St Helens Parish council to undertake a community consultation on planting trees, and creating wildlife habitats on the Village Green. We set up a surveymonkey questionnaire, but also made paper copies available in the Community Centre. We delivered paper copies of the survey to all the homes on the on the Greens, and the whole village was leafleted with information about how to take part in the survey. 190 residents responded to the survey.

We reported the results in October's What's On Magazine:

The Parish Council approved our request to plant an oak tree and a willow tree on the Greens, on the strength of this consultation. They did not approve our plan to plant saplings on West Green but an alternative proposal, to plant saplings within West Green Copse, did meet approval. Donations were offered from the Historical Society, the Horticultural Society and St Helens Church coffee morning fund. It took rather longer than expected to clear the planting with the IW Council, who manage St Helens Greens, but . . .this is what we have achieved so far!

Tree planting on the Greens

In March 2023 An oak tree was planted near to the playground on the Green. It is hoped that in future this will cast shade over the playground, enabling children to play there during hot summers. This will shortly be dedicated, with a plaque, to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

At the other end of the Green, near to Station Road, we have planted a weeping willow, which we hope will thrive in the wet conditions in that area. 

We relied on the expertise of R n J Garden Construction to plant the trees. Robin and Jamie gave their time voluntarily - for which we are most grateful.

Tree planting in West Green Copse

In April, Andrea and Helen went into St Helens Primary school to take an assembly. We took with us two saplings which had been among those sown as acorns and conkers by the children, when we visited Mrs Rees's Year 1-2  class in 2019. We talked about the benefits of trees to other wildlfie. We also talked about the wood wide web and the way trees can communicate with each other through fungus across the forest floor.

We invited the children and their families to a tree planting event in West Green Copse one Saturday afternoon. We also invited local residents, and the Village Volunteers who had helped prepare the area for planting, to take part. We served teas, juice and cake from the church gazebo! 

About 25 people came and we planted six of the children's saplings in West Green Copse. A wonderful time was had by all!

Blessing for the Children’s Trees

May these oak saplings grow to have deep roots and spreading branches.

May they be a home to many creatures and a blessing to the community of Creation.

May we remember to care for them, to water and tend them, and to cherish these woods, so that the children of St Helens village may always have this special place to play.


Trees in the school grounds

As a result of our visit to the school, Mr Wake (Head Teacher) allowed us to plant two more of the children's trees in the school grounds, some areas of which are being managed for wildlife. 

On a very rainy day in the Easter holidays, Jacky (Parish Council Clerk), Andrew and Helen planted an oak sapling and a horsechestnut sapling. Many thanks to Mr Andre (Site Manager) for helping with this.

Watch this space for more tree planting in the autumn!
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